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08-Aug-2017 17:35

After his week long celebration in Los Angeles and Las Vegas Cristiano Ronaldo is back in Portugal looking totally relaxed, forget the Gucci look, Cristiano went to meet and greet the press outside his vacation rental in Vale do Lobo with his sleepers on and his friends and family posing in swimsuit in the background.

I was waiting in line at a coffee shop when I felt a tap on my shoulder. But the larger part was because I liked the entire process.

I remembered why—I had been overwhelmed with work and family obligations at the time, plus I had a few more prospects I had been dating who had seemed promising—but I cringed at the fact that he’d made absolutely no impression on me. In general, I’m pretty proud of my memory, especially of the way details stick: I still remember my high school schedule from all four years, never forget an online password, and can always remember key items without writing them down during meetings. Here was a person I’d probably spent 24 cumulative hours of my life with, and my brain had deemed him less important than a long ago locker combination.

I asked how he was, but really, all I wanted to know was who he was. Sure enough, we had gone on five dates before I had ghosted him.

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