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Cadbury, The Book of Acts in History (New York, 1955), p. He, in a published disputation with Proclus, the leader of the Phrygian heresy, speaks as follows concerning the places where the sacred corpses of the aforesaid apostles are laid: ‘But I can show the trophies of the apostles. Most scholars agree that Nero’s persecution of the Christians began when Nero burned Rome and blamed the Christians in 64 A. Phillip Schaff writes, “We learn from Tacitus, Ann. 39, that Nero was suspected to be the author of the great Roman conflagration, which took place in 64 A. Luke also, the companion of Paul, recorded in a book the Gospel preached by him. For more information on the two versions Matthew wrote go to our website John died during the reign of Trajan who ruled from 98-117 A. 42.” According to Lawrence Schiffman, in his book, From Text to Tradition: a History of Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism, Porcius Festus ruled from 60A. Luke tells us in Acts -31 that for two years Paul was in Rome and was able to receive visitors and continue his preaching of the Gospel (and building a apostolic foundation of the church). It is confirmed likewise by Caius, a member of the Church, who arose under Zephyrinus, bishop of Rome. After their departure, Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, did also hand down to us in writing what had been preached by Peter. It could also refer to whole time period that began with Peter’s arrival in Rome in the early 50’s and ending with their death between 64-68 A. We know from other statements by Irenaeus, Origen, and Eusebius that Matthew also wrote the Greek version of his gospel. The same historical scope was also probably true for the ancient Romans when it came to their impressive architectural, sculptural and artistic feats.Pertaining to these achievements, researchers have digitally reconstructed the famed Arch of Titus’ Menorah Panel in discernible colors that are possibly apt to the period.

In essence, most tangible artworks and architectural feats (including the Parthenon) of ancient Greece probably showcased their kaleidoscopic flair with brightly painted facades.

The researchers in question here comprise an international team of scientists hailing from reputed institutions, including Yeshiva University, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Institute for the Visualization of History.

And the first step to their reconstruction process entailed the detailed 3D scanning of the Menorah Panel, which allowed them to virtually recreate segments of the relief.

They were written and published, therefore, in the first century A. We have already shown that the historical literary evidence demonstrates that the four NT Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and published by them for the churches of Jesus Christ. Eusebius writes, in his Church History (2.14.4-6), “Immediately the above-mentioned impostor [Simon Magus] was smitten in the eyes of his mind by a divine and miraculous flash, and after the evil deeds done by him had been first detected by the apostle Peter in Judea, he fled and made a great journey across the sea from the East to the West, thinking that only thus could he live according to his mind. This approximate date is based on his interaction with the procurators in the Book of Acts. This is in agreement with other early evidence that Luke was published after the private edition of Mark’s Gospel, but before the public edition. Irenaeus does not tell us exactly when John’s gospel was published, but he does tell us that it was published when John was a resident in Ephesus. John was in Jerusalem at least up until the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15.

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Therefore, the gospels were published in their lifetimes in the first century. And coming to the city of Rome, by the mighty co-operation of that power which was lying in wait there, he was in a short time so successful in his undertaking that those who dwelt there honored him as a god by the erection of a statue. For immediately, during the reign of Claudius, the all-good and gracious Providence, which watches over all things, led Peter, that strongest and greatest of the apostles, and the one who on account of his virtue was the speaker for all the others, to Rome against this great corrupter of life. Most scholars estimate that Paul came to Rome around 60 A. In Acts 24-27, Paul first appears before Antonius Felix, the Roman Procurator and is confined for the last two years of Felix’ procuratorship. Paul was most likely sent to Rome in the first year of Festus’ taking office which would have been around 59 or 60 A. For more information see our article “The Authorship and Publication of the Gospel of Luke.” So, as we have seen from Irenaeus’ statement synthesized with other evidence from the early church fathers, Matthew’s Hebrew version was published in the 50’s with the Greek version being published in the late 50’s to early 60’s A. Ireneaus mentions the general time period of John’s death in “Against Heresies” (3.3.5), “those who were conversant in Asia with John, the disciple of the Lord, [affirming] that John conveyed to them that information. UV-VIS spectrometry was employed to detect color on the marble reliefs. The scan data were processed to create a 3D representation of the form of the reliefs with sub-millimeter accuracy.

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