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02-Jul-2017 06:17

SHEATH also partners with non-Harvard organizations that aim to foster positive discussions surrounding sex.Good Vibrations, an adult-entertainment store located in Harvard Square, will collaborate with Harvard Sex Week again this year for three events.When it was reported, the most common place was to local Mormon church leaders.About one in five students who said they suffered assaults didn’t report them to officials because they were worried about being disciplined under the school’s strict honor code that bans drinking and premarital sex, found the survey completed by 12,600 students this last spring.For instance, BYU students reported that alcohol was rarely used by victims or alleged attackers.That makes the school quite different from other campuses.

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Among survey respondents, nearly 7 percent of women reported experiencing “unwanted sexual contact” in the last year. The most common occurrence was forced kissing, fondling and touching or rubbing up against a person in a sexual way, the survey found.” Sex Week workshops touch on many aspects of sexual activity, including condoms, consent, and healthy romantic relationships.Organizations inside and outside the University will co-sponsor many of these workshops. Peña ’19, co-president of SHEATH, said that Sex Week aims to inform students and provide a space for open dialogue and questions around sex.“We can’t just take an intervention off the shelf,” Ogles said.

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“We have to tailor make one so it’s not all about alcohol scenarios.” Nearly one in five people who reported being assaulted went to a local or regional Mormon church leader, the survey found.SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Most students at Brigham Young University students think the Mormon-owned school needs to do more to educate them about what constitutes sexual assault, how to properly report it and what help is available for victims, according to survey results released Thursday that are part of the school’s wide-ranging review of how it handles the issue.