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Much of the epidemiological data that forms our understanding of CRS is based on studies that identify CRS within large administrative databases and health surveys.

We recently published a systematic review of studies that determined the accuracy of these methods to identify CRS [], and found three studies that compared CRS identification (ascertained from diagnostic codes and self-reporting) to a reference standard (including clinician-performed chart review, nasal endoscopy, and Otolaryngologist-based CRS clinical diagnosis), with moderate to good accuracy.

Compared to the reference standard, the algorithm was very accurate: sensitivity 96.0% (95%CI 93.2–97.7), specificity 100% (95% CI 99.9–100), and positive predictive value 95.4% (95%CI 92.5–97.3).

Internal validation using chart review for the following year revealed similar accuracy: sensitivity 98.9% (95%CI 95.8–99.8), specificity 97.1% (95%CI 93.4–98.8), and positive predictive value 96.9% (95%CI 93.0–99.8).

There was a day when the “basic journalistic instinct” was to evaluate documents (FBI records) first hand, rather than rely on self-interested testimony.

But I guess a lot of the press corps is now past that. [email protected] Durbin basically claiming NO president has used curse words or crude language in the Oval Office.

Algorithm development was based on International Classification of Diseases, version 10 (ICD-10) diagnostic codes and Canadian Classification of Health Interventions (CCI) procedural codes.

Internal model validation was performed with a similar chart review for all model-identified cases and 200 randomly selected controls during the following year.

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The validity of using HA data to answer research questions is dependent on the accuracy of these codes for the entity they are supposed to represent. All non-legislative/judiciary federal employees work for the executive, headed by POTUS. If Congress bites into FISA, that's on you and your cronies. You used FISA under false pretenses to spy on a political campaign for your bosses, launch a criminal investigation, lied about it, helped a criminal escape justice, and were fired in disgrace as a result.We then selected all encounters that listed ESS as at least a minor component of the surgery performed during that encounter.

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The extracted cohort therefore included all ESS surgeries performed by TOH Otolaryngologists, meaning that all other surgeries conducted at TOH during this time period (all by non Otolaryngologists) were not ESS.To achieve current standards in performing studies of diagnostic accuracy, we adhered to the Standards for Reporting of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies (STARD, 2015 version [The Ottawa Hospital Data Warehouse (OHDW) contains data from several source systems of patient data dating back as far as 1996 for patients treated at the Ottawa Hospital (TOH), a 1000-bed tertiary care hospital serving over 1.2 million patients and affiliated with the University of Ottawa.

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