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02-Nov-2017 17:50

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Feed your pet daily, but no more than three pellets at a time, and any other remaining food in tank must be removed after five minutes.Bettas are prone to constipation, so some hobbyists recommend that you let your betta fast one day a week.They can rise to the water's surface and take a gulp of air, and then swim back down as they please.

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Nope, Markus is no fool so if he stores passwords in plain text is for a reason, and a good one indeed. Every so often, POF sends you an email with your password so you don’t forget it. For one, it acts like a news letter, it reminds you that POF exists, that you should go there.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Hacker News community for voicing their criticism and making some great points on web security and password management. Last week Plenty Of Fish got hacked and a big drama ensued after Markus Frind, its Founder and CEO, wrote a long rambling article accusing a 23 yo Argentinean hacker, Chris Russo, of extortion and harassing him and his wife.

Best of all, this entire gay community is built with new men in mind.… continue reading »

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