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There are treatments that keep herpes in check, but there is no way to cure it. Performing oral sex on a partner with genital herpes can cause oral herpes.

Receiving oral sex from a partner with oral herpes can cause genital herpes. The best way to protect yourself from herpes is to use a barrier between mouth and genitals/rectum.

For a person giving oral sex, his or her risk may be greater when there are sores in the mouth or unhealthy gums.

For a person receiving oral sex, the risk may be greater if there are sores, cuts from shaving around his or her genitals, or another STI in the mix. You can reduce the risk of HIV transmission during oral sex if you avoid ejaculate in the mouth using a condom or withdrawal.

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With the exception of the HPV strains that cause genital warts, most strains don’t have visible symptoms.

The body can clear an HPV infection on its own, but there’s no pill you can take to cure it. HPV can be passed from person to person during oral sex.

The vaccine is now recommended for both gals and guys, and the latest one protects against nine strains. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can cause painful blisters and sores, but there can also be long periods when they’re just hanging out without causing symptoms.

Barriers may also help reduce HPV transmission, although they may not work as reliably for HPV as for other STIs. Herpes is most likely to be passed from person to person when there are blisters or sores, but it can be passed when there are no visible blisters or sores too.

You can use a male or female condom, a natural latex rubber sheet, a dental dam, or cut open a non-lubricated condom.

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