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16-Jun-2017 08:28

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It is definitely possible to have a long term relationship and not spread herpes.

In fact, one study of couples who avoided sexual contact during recurrences found that, over 12 months, only 1 out of 10 passed the virus on to their partner. Using condoms may reduce the risk of infection even further.

The rate of viral shedding tends to vary greatly between the type of HSV and the location of the infection.

The following is an example of estimated shedding rates based on current research: HSV Type 1 = 3 to 5% (of days evaluated) HSV Type 2 = 15 to 20% (of days evaluated) HSV Type 1 = 18% (of days evaluated) HSV Type 2 = 1 % (of days evaluated) Note that the rates of shedding tend to be higher when the Herpes simplex virus type occurs in its “typical” or preferred location of infection, such as HSV-1 cold sores or HSV-2 genital herpes.

There are things that you can do to reduce (but not eliminate) the risk of herpes viral shedding.

Avoid contact with the infected area a few days before, during and after any symptoms are noticed.

Viral shedding is when the herpes virus is active and “shedding” at the site of infection.

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HSV Type 1 is less likely to shed than HSV Type 2 and women are often prone to a higher rate of shedding.

It is possible for a person to carry the herpes virus without knowing that they have it, since up to 70% of people who are infected with HSV-2 show no signs of the infection.