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26-Nov-2017 00:17

This is similar to the charge for consultancy services that we are offering to women. We are not a professional dating and marriage consultancy and our advice and opinion are only for your reference. We offer this unique service through online chatting and advance payment and booking are necessary.

Around one in four relationships start online now, and among the millennial generation, the number is likely to be even higher.

If you need further help to achieve more confidence, we strongly recommend you to read the book “Chinese Women in Love and Marriage”.

We also have some supporting information about Filipino Women.

The book is available for everyone to download at Chinese Women in Love and Marriage.

You will find Asian ladies love and support you with all their heart, be passionate and sexy and respect you for the man you are.

Have a look at some of our articles written by our members about their cross cultural love and experiences in Success Stories in Asian Promise.

Although we normally suggest men read Dawn’s book Chinese Women in Love and Marriage for general advice, we do understand people need individual help regarding cultural issues or cross-cultural dating and marriage.

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Under the demand from men, we now offer a personal consultancy service with a cost of US per hour (payment is made through the link contribution).Please see one of Xiaoyan Chinese language books Connecting You to Love/Finding True Love Online.