Advantages of validating web pages

14-Nov-2017 01:07

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A website created using old technology or browser specific coding can cause your website to break (also known as crash) in your visitor’s chosen browser.

By using standards compliant coding, the presentation attributes (the coding that makes the website look pretty) are moved to a separate file called an external stylesheet, leaving just the basic HTML coding required to present the web page content.

Responses to accessibility checks are not clear regarding whether a page checkpoint has passed or not. Confusing results do not help with accessibility validation.

This evaluator was developed at the University of Illinois, and allows users to check the functional accessibility of any URL.

It features automatic color contrast validation of text elements according to W3C algorithm. Truwex executes Java Script's and measures actual response and download times of every web page element in the Internet Explorer browser.

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Web Accessibility Inspector is a program that can determine whether or not your website can be easily viewed by the elderly and those with visual impairments.Each browser interprets the HTML standards a different way, especially some of the fancier techniques used to create a website.How your website is coded can affect how it is presented in the web browser your visitor is using.Before you can check a web page is standards compliant the web page coding needs to contain: A web designer or web developer who has kept up their training to the current standards would be knowledgeable about standards compliant coding.

Generally, it does not take any more time to actually code a web page to be standards compliant.

There are various tools on the web to check that the HTML coding of a web page is using valid standards compliant coding.

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