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Snowberry attributed the reduced SPF to a new source of zinc oxide, which is not performing to specification.It has recalled the Family product and other sunscreens using the same zinc supply until the products have been retested.Pure Blend said its product had not been tested on humans and couldn’t substantiate its SPF claim. Pure South provided a test report with one human test (the standard requires a 10-person test).

Our tests of 2 batches of Sun Sense Ultra SPF50 found it only provided moderate protection – not the very high protection it claimed.

The standard is mandatory in Australia, but voluntary in New Zealand where sunscreens are classified as cosmetics.

Products that meet other international standards, such as those in the US or EU, are also allowed to be sold as well as sunscreens that don’t meet any standard.

Snowberry says its broad-spectrum claim is based on the UK Boots Star Rating system.

The company provided a test certificate showing it got a rating of 3 (out of 5) stars under this system.

In response to our findings, Sun Sense provided results of its own tests carried out in 2016.

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